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Accepted - Andromeda Black 

Accepted! Go ahead and make your page and all. You can change the face, just let us know to whom, but Kaya is already taken here so it would have to be someone else. :)

OOC Name: Heather
OOC Age: 20
Timezone: CST
Availability: i’m almost always on mobile, honestly
Character you are applying for: Andromeda Black
Face Claim: Gemma Atherton (Although I feel she looks a bit too old.. On here, I’m using Kaya.. but I’m open to suggestions or keeping Gemma. Honestly, FC’s don’t matter much to me xD )
Short, basic bio of your character (A paragraph):

Andromeda Black has always been the odd sister out. She can be just as cruel as her sisters, of course. But she hates that side of herself. She has never understood why her family looks down on anyone who’s not exactly like them, it makes her sick. But she’s not strong enough to break free of her family, not without someone to catch her. So until Andie can find a way to escape her parents’ grasp, she’ll simply continue being the quietest of the Black sister’s. The one who befriends the friendless, reads by the lake, and avoids confrontation. While biding her time, she may just try to get to know Ted Tonks a little better..

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Can I audition an OC?

Sure thing, love!

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Everyone add Augustus!

Could you possibly reserve Andromeda Black, please?

Will do dear! :)



Regulus Black.



Yep, go ahead and make the change :3 Make sure to turn your ask on and message the main page when you’re done!

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1977, Spring

The end of sixth year for the infamous Marauders is growing nearer. Exams are being taken, relationships formed, plans for summer fun are beginning to shape up. Everyone is excited for the warmer weather and the longer days.

But in the background there lurks a shadow. Lord Voldemort’s power is beginning to grow, the young purebloods of the wizarding world beginning to rally around his cause. A war is brewing and the ripples are spreading out into the world, leaving a shiver of fear behind. 

For our favorite band of troublemakers danger is on the horizon, but there’s still a year left of school before they’ll have to choose sides and face their fate.

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